Social Impact Measurement for Civil Society Organizations

The project intends to empower the operation of non-profits within Civil Society by enhancing their effectiveness, transparency and governance through the application of social impact measurement methods.

THE state of the non-profit organizations

Transparency, accountability and evaluation

In Europe, the creation of a large number of non-profits that are involved in the provision of a wide range of social activities is noticed. This trend is not accompanied by systematic practices/tools of transparency, accountability and evaluation. As a result, people tend not to truly trust non-profits, consequently, they cannot prove or measure systematically in an objective way their social impact. A common methodology and approach should be agreed upon which all non-profits could apply.


The Contributions of the project

The staff adult members, who will be involved in the project activities will be directly benefited, will enhance their active participation in society, will improve their competencies and skills, will gain motivation and increased satisfaction in their daily work.

Target groups

Stakeholders of the Third Sector

The work developed by SIM4CSOs is expected to have a positive impact on the following groups. Are you one of these target groups? If you want to get involved in the project, contact us!

Civil Society Organizations’ staff

– Knowledge and skills in familiarizing and applying in their everyday working life the concept of measuring the impact of their activities/work
– Skills in using digital tools
– Skills in planning, designing, and evaluating their work
-Motivation and skills to engage in international collaboration work with other Civil Society Organizations’ staff in the field.

Partners Organizations’ staff

– Awareness on planning, designing, and implementing a methodology of measuring social impact
– Networking and cooperation with other partners’ staff.

Partners’ networks of other organizations, to which the project will be disseminated

– Awareness as to the methodological aspects of measuring their social impact
– Understanding the benefits of applying the created tools for measuring their impact
– Cooperation prospects with peer organisations from different countries and sectors.

National and European Union policymakers

– Evidence base to promote, multiply and mainstream social impact measurement for enabling sustainable and long term results
– Understanding of the need for establishing systems of measuring social impact.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) / associations

– More awareness and knowledge regarding social impact measurement.
– Contribution to the elevation of their work.
– Equip them with the necessary knowledge to prove in concrete ways the impact that they are having through their everyday work.


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